Podler Reviews Weighs in Favorably on Tethered Worlds Book Three

Podler Reviews offers tough but fair reviews. They previously named Tethered Worlds book two, Blue Star Setting best of the year. They have weighed in on Tethered Worlds book three, Star in Bankruptcy and have proclaimed it a “fine addition to the series.” That is high praise coming from them. You can read their review here.

Star in Bankruptcy takes the Tethered Worlds protagonists to Aventicia, a neutral banking world inside Perigeum territory. But a veritable collection of bad actors have aimed their wheels within wheels machinations toward the troubled world. The result will be one of the most eclectic space battles in the two hundred years.since the Sojourners’ Crusade!

The Tethered Worlds Series Page at Amazon

Go on an epic hero’s journey of your own in the Tethered Worlds series. You will not be the same afterward. Keep abreast of the news and happenings in the Tethered Worlds universe here and at GregoryFaccone.com.



Gregory Faccone hopes you will check out the Tethered Worlds series. It’s a thoughtful adventure into a possible future. But one with challenges to which we can all relate today.


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