Instantaneous Interstellar Travel & Cultural Meltdown

~or~ Good (Space) Fences Make Good (Planetary) Neighbors Imagine downtown Tokyo and New York City's Times Square connected by a door that bends the rules of physics, at least as we understand them today. People could walk between these cities as easily as crossing the street. Much in both cities would change, and it wouldn't … Continue reading Instantaneous Interstellar Travel & Cultural Meltdown


AIs and Mankind Part One: Combat and the Future

~or~ The machines are not taking over... right? Behold the M5 Computer from Star Trek the original series. It was designed to remotely operate a starship in combat, thus sparing humans from such a dangerous endeavor. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, in the decades since this episode first aired we have seen depicted … Continue reading AIs and Mankind Part One: Combat and the Future