Mapping Your Fictional Worlds

Science Fiction & Fantasy Books Historically Add Value With Maps

When first creating my Tethered Worlds universe, I of course could envision this spread of far flung worlds. “Inhabited space” as the novels say. But I could not expect my reader to see the layout at first. Over time they might develop that mental map, however in the beginning it is good to offer them a solid footing upon which to build.

And certainly the reader does not need to be inundated with every speck of dirt mankind has touched. “Space is big,” as the cliche goes. Show what is important. Of course that grows over the course of the series, and my map has grown too, including more and more worlds.

But why limit it to just worlds (or countries or cities in your fictional universe)? Take the opportunity to add little bits of character to your maps like I have mine. Drop hints for future entries in the series. Add mystery and make the reader wonder and imagine.

Each entry has its own story to tell, but the larger arcs remain. A battle might be won, but the war continues. And that is what you are filling out—a universe outside of the immediate story, yet something that entry will make more relevant.

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Gregory Faccone hopes you will check out the Tethered Worlds series. It’s a thoughtful adventure into a possible future. But one with challenges to which we can all relate today.


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