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Second “Tethered Worlds” book explores human life alongside artificial intelligences.

One can get used to Interacting with AI driven computers, but in the sci-fi action/adventure BLUE STAR SETTING, the pivotal challenge is relating to a human girl with a half-computerized brain.

(PRLog) October 3, 2014 — Many are looking ahead to when robots can act independently and work menial jobs. But how does daily interaction with machines that converse like people change society? What great feats might be helped or hindered by artificial intelligences (AIs)? In Gregory Faccone’s TETHERED WORLDS series, available at Amazon, we see a humankind matured beyond today’s robotic infancy, and tomorrow’s infatuation with androids.

“The question is not necessarily how advanced AIs can get,” Faccone says, “but rather how far humans will let themselves be subservient to machines.” Although today we see some people willing to turn control of their lives over, the author maintains that humans are generally too stubborn to be ruled easily by their fellows, much less machines.

The issue gets complicated in BLUE STAR SETTING, the second book in the series. The male protagonist, Jordakh, must interact with a beautiful and talented human girl—with a cybernetic brain. He is made all the more uncomfortable since his society shuns emotional investment in machines. But the girl is not a machine, and her “enhancement” was through no choice or fault of her own, further causing her own identity crisis.

Against this futuristic backdrop, Jordakh is plunged into firefights and fleet engagements as humankind’s two greatest civilizations are skirmishing at a tense border stand-off. Author and filmmaker Kevin Miller says, “A fantastic follow-up to Unwelcome Star. This is one of the best sci-fi series I have read in decades. I can’t wait for book 3. If you enjoy complex, character-driven sci-fi stories like “Dune,” you’re going to love this book.”

Print and ebook versions of both TETHERED WORLDS entries are available at Amazon, and the author encourages contact on Facebook. For more information see and

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