Instantaneous Interstellar Travel & Cultural Meltdown


Good (Space) Fences Make Good (Planetary) Neighbors

Dredd_Spock_Skywalker_Kimono_Marine Dress_Trek_Star Wars_culture Clash

Imagine downtown Tokyo and New York City’s Times Square connected by a door that bends the rules of physics, at least as we understand them today. People could walk between these cities as easily as crossing the street. Much in both cities would change, and it wouldn’t take long.

Separation is a key factor in maintaining cultural differences. Permanent connection, without time delay, injects alien ways, undiluted, directly into the mainstream. The areas around these super-doors would soon begin to cater to the foreign visitors. Languages would mingle, signage would begin to change, new commercial trade would emerge.

What kind of culture develops buildings that don't even make sense?

What kind of culture develops buildings that don’t even make sense?

Soon the transit areas would become mishmash cultures resembling neither origin city. Imagine cultures with significant ideological differences. One is dominant and seeks to push its ways upon the other. In Tethered Worlds, that’s precisely what’s happening to civilizations far from humanity’s cradle.

They developed unique cultures during centuries of frontier separation, largely based upon the personal responsibility needed for the open spaces of newer worlds. When a super-door opens in orbit right above their heads, their culture will be influenced, some would say corrupted, by the older, cosmopolitan ways whether they like it or not.

Wild-Bill-Koch-Town-Comstock b

In Tethered Worlds the super-doors are the mighty hexagonal egresses. The contest between those who seek to protect their way of life and those pushing cultural rot for their own benefit has been joined. Some of the key players enter the fray with fleets. Others use an ancient technology with unpredictable results.

Check out the arrival of the egress in book one, Unwelcome Star. And check out this thoughtful review of book two by DED over at Podler Reviews.

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Tethered Worlds depicts many cultures. None are perfect as they are built by imperfect humankind. But some cultures do promote freedom, happiness, and the general welfare better than others. See where you belong by checking out the series.

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