AIs and Mankind Part Two: Robots & Romance

~or~ Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should... "Before the war, before humankind matured to where they are today, we dallied with the artificial creations of our own hands... As you can imagine, it did not end well." A lesson that didn't have to be learned the hard way, and yet was, made an … Continue reading AIs and Mankind Part Two: Robots & Romance

Must Spaceships Have Sonic Showers?

~or~ In the Future, Showers are Still Wet I remember a Star TrekĀ  character once referencing a sonic shower. Because, you know, in the FUTURE you cannot use plain old water. Come on, that is positively ancient. But even if you could invent a "sonic shower," would anyone want to use it? Just because you … Continue reading Must Spaceships Have Sonic Showers?